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I started The Toxophilite Archery Academy for one simple reason: I love the sport of archery and I love to pass it on.  I am here to coach anyone between the ages of 10 and 100.  As a coach, my goals and ambitions are simple; if you want to learn archery, I will teach you.

Give me a few minutes on the range and you’ll be hooked for life. You’ll see and understand my passion for Archery.  I especially enjoy working with children because it is easy to see the passion blossom in them and grow with them into adults who can be passionate about other things in life.

Archery teaches many lessons that will carry you through life and enable you to handle anything that may come your way. You will learn to control your nerves, to focus, to concentrate, to breathe properly, to stretch and to flex your muscles. These skills apply to success in life and in archery. Come give it a try.


I dont like to brag, but I do like to leave an impression.

Andrew F.


"A great place for kids to learn discipline and self-confidence. Steven is great with kids and does not let them get away with giving up."

Kathleen A.

Certification Student

"This class was definitely loaded with a lot of information. Definitely worth taking if you want to teach or just to take as a refresher course. Steve is not only a great teacher but has a wealth of information to offer."

Bobby T.


"Great Instructor! works with children and beginners. Everyone welcome."

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. Find us at the Range

31 S Artillery Dr. Sumter, SC

Inside the Fairgrounds
Right behind the Scout Hut
at the Americal Legion Post 15
Open by appointment.
Beginners class Tuesday @ 6:00pm.

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Steven Coleman
(253) 576-2989

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