Once again I’m  proud to announce that I get to Coach The Army
Archery Team for the 2012 Warrior Games   Soldiers and Veterans from all the over the world are hoping to be selected to participate in the upcoming Warrior Games.

Just in case you have never heard of the Warrior Games, think of it this way. Two Hundred Soldiers, Sailors, Marines, Airmen and Coast Guardsmen and Veterans will travel to Colorado Springs, CO to experience the intensity of competition in seven sports. Now add in the staff to manage this event; that could be another hundred or so. Then there are family and friends; maybe another couple hundred or so.  As you can see, this is a pretty large event.

Here is what I know as of now:

1 Dec all applications must be at WTC (Warrior Transition Command)
15 Dec team members will be selected
15 Dec selected Soldiers will be notified
10 Soldiers will be selected for the Archery Team by the WTC
5 in each division; recurve / compound
I’m hosting two training camps, 1 each in Jan and Mar
Date of arrival in Colorado Springs, CO will be announced soon
Dates of the 2012 Warrior Games to be announced soon

General Archery Event rules:

These rules have been modified by the Paralympic competition rules to suit the population of the Warrior Games. Please note: The Warrior Games is not a qualifying event for the Paralympics Games or other Paralympic sanctioned events.

Disability/Classification Groups: Open to all

Must choose either compound or recurve

Men and women will be combined unless four or more women register for each separate event.

Format: An AB/CD shooting format will be used for this tournament. AB shooters will shoot their arrows and then come off the line. CD shooters will follow, shooting their arrows next. Then all archers will score and then retrieve their arrows. Note: Format may change due to time or other unforeseen circumstances.

Shooting distance: 18 meters

Target size: 40 cm

Qualifying round will consist of six arrows ends with in four minutes. Medal rounds will be top eight from each event (compound/recurve) shooting three arrow ends while alternating shots every 30 seconds.

Equipment Rules: FITA  www.archery.org


-Maximum 60 pounds
-No electric or electronics
-Arrow to fit bow
-Magnification on the sight is okay, but only one aiming point is
-Peep sight on the string is fine
-Maximum arrow size is 2315 (9.3 mm for the shaft, 9.4 mm for the

Compound Recommendations

-36 axle to axle or more
-Brace height 7” or more
-At least 2’ draw length adjustment
-At least 10 lbs of weight adjustment (maximum is 60 pounds)
-No hard cams or dual cams
-65% let off
-Recommend single cam or cam and a half
-Peep sight (without tubing is better)
-Carbon arrows
-Vanes or feathers should be no larger than 3”
-Glue in points (100-120)
-Adjustable sight (only one aiming point)
-Mechanical release

Recurve Bow

-Bow (riser and limbs); Recommend 30 pounds maximum for new
-Arrows to fit bow
-NO magnification, NO electric or electronics
-Finger release
-Adjustable sight (only one aiming point)
-Maximum arrow size of 2315 (9.3 mm for shaft; 9.4 mm for the
-Finger tab
-Chest protector
-Finger/wrist sling
-Glue in points (100-120)

Recommended accessories for all Archers:

-Arrow lube
-Hard bow case, especially if you’re flying
-Bow stand or bow pod
-Pen or pencil

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