This year for the South Carolina Senior Sports Classic (SCSSC) Archery Event, we have decided to try something new: a 25-yard indoor event with a 60 cm target face.  This is a non-qualifying year, so why not?

The location has also changed to the Florence Center where we will be shooting indoors.  (We hope to shoot our 900 round here next year so keep your fingers crossed.)

The format for this shoot will be 10 ends of 3 arrows for a max score of 300 with 30 X’s.  We will do this twice for a max total of 600 with 60 X’s. These are basically the same rules as the State Multi color indoor (Vegas round). We will score the target as printed (X,10,9,8,7 etc) and keep track of “Xs” for tiebreakers.

Archers will have the choice of a single spot or vertical 3 spot.

1.  All archers at each target butt must agree on which target faces they will use: single or 3 spot.

2.  Our target butts are round so 4 ea 60 cm single spot will not fit on one target butt so we will need to shoot two lines.

3.  If 60 cm targets are used, two archers will shoot the same target.

4.  We will enforce the 2-minute time limit to shoot 3 arrows.

5. SCSSC Archery rules apply with the exception of distance, number of arrows, and target size.  SCSSC has lowered the age limit to 40, so pass the word.

We are hoping on a large turnout this year, so register early. We only have room for 44 archers.

Welcome, safety brief and target assignments will begin at 10 am on May 11, 2019, at

Florence Center
3300 W Radio Dr
Florence, SC 29501

Please invite your friends and family!  Post this info at your archery clubs/ranges.

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