Things are going great for the Archery clinic I’m hosting. The
building has been setup, the targets butts built and waiting to be shot.
Soldiers and Veterans have been notified about the clinic I’m hosting 26-31 Jan
and another one in March. I’m getting excited for this event and if all goes
well who knows I might be able to host several clinics a year, wouldn’t that be

I would also like to thank the following people and business
for their help and support in adventure of hosting an Archery clinic.

American Legion Post 15


C&C Recycling

Gamecock Body Shop

Hansen International

Coke Cola

American Whitetail Targets


I’m currently looking for a building to start an archery
program for anyone who wants to learn. So wish me luck, this area need it
badly. We have the weather for archery, but for some reason SC, GA, NC stop
tournament in August and really don’t get started again till late February. And
I’d like to change that. Sure would be nice to find a building to start several
archery programs, lessons, leagues, and even a 3D area. I can just see it now
several rooms with each room having a different target set up. Might even be
able to practice 90 meters indoors now that would be cool. Who knows we might be
able to even start hosting tournament, state and regional, spots and 3D. But
all this takes time but most of all money and help from others.

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