Let’s see…. I have three tournaments I need to update everyone on. So let’s start withAlabama.


What a wonderful hot summer day.  It even seemed hotter to Gloria and me, seeing we had only just moved to the south. So in other words it was really hot to us, but we had a really good time, thank goodness it was a one day shoot.  Lynn and the crew of Custom Archery Shop (http://www.customarcherycenter.com ) and the Alabama State Archery Association (http://www.floridaarchery.org/alabama.htm ) put on a really nice shoot. So here we are checking in early wondering why the stat time wasn’t until noon.  So who did I run into but Lynn who I haven’t seen since around 2004 or 2005. So I said I said hello do you remember me and to my surprised he did!  Of course only after I spoke, since I hadn’t had a hair cut or shaved in over two months or longer. So I asked why the late start, he has JOAD in the morning. And before I could get away he invited me to help and if you know anything about me I was all in. Just kidding I was hoping he would ask me to help. Archery is a great sport that I love, but nothing is finer than helping a young adult hit the gold and you see the light in their eyes, so bright and smiling from ear to ear.

You’ve seen it and you know how it makes you feel inside, kind of warm and special.

Noon finally came around and it was time for the Alabama State 900 to start, kind of sounds like a NASA Car race. Anyway I’m already sweating like I had been digging a ditch or something, did I tell you it was hot like a 100 and something, LOL. By the end of the shoot I find my self in 1st place, not sure how but happy none the less. After the awards Chris had a nice BBQ dinner waiting for everyone. Not sure what was the best part of the day, working with the kids, the tournament, or was it the BBQ southern style? You will just have to come next year for yourself and find out, but bring some shade with you and some sun block! 

What more could I have asked for, we had good food, old friends, made a few new friends and played Archery, what could be better?  Nothing. So check out their web page for up coming events and try to make a few. One more thing, if you have a couple of days to stay in Huntsville, Alabama please try to do so as you are right in the foot hills of the Application trail, wonderful winding  roads and scenes that will take your breath away, so bring a camera. If you have a few minutes check out the photos at www.huntsvillearcheryclub.com.

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