So, You Want to Learn to Shoot a Bow?

So, you want to learn archery? Well, you’ve come to the right place! There are only a few ways to learn archery: through trial and error, from an amateur archer friend, or from a trained Instructor or Coach. The trial and error method has worked for centuries, but you tend to learn bad habits in form and once they are ingrained, they are hard or impossible to correct. You might also learn from a friend who know a little about archery, but if your friend is not fully trained, you stand the same chance of learning bad form as if you were teaching yourself.  Poor form leads to poor target productivity in hunting and target shooting. The final and best option is to learn from a trained and Certified Archery Coach. A proper Coach should be trained and certified by the USA Archery and NFAA.
Another good reason for working with a certified archery trainer is the assistance they can provide in determining the appropriate equipment for you.  Archery equipment is custom fit and personalized to the archer. One can certainly borrow a bow to get started and to do some initial practicing, but if you want to become a good archer, you will need to experience “archery feel.” Simply stated, “archery feel” is a measure of how the bow feels to you.  A coach/instructor can teach you to find the right “archery feel,” so you can buy the correct bow for you.  Think of your new bow as underwear; if it don’t fit right it won’t work right. I a certified Archery Coach who will teach and coach archery to anyone between the ages of 10 and 100, be it the first time you’ve ever held a bow or if you just need help getting better.
Your current level of archery experience does not matter.  What does matter is your willingness to learn.  I can work with you for a single lesson or for as long as you like to gain the level of experience you desire. Recurve or compound bow, your own equipment or borrow our equipment; we will work together to bring the Gold Medalist Archer out of you.

Pay-as-You-Go Plan

This option provides the student with one-on-one instruction for Beginner to Advanced Archers.

Bring your own equipment or use our available bows and arrows.

$25 / Hour

5-Hour Basics Plan

The Basics option provides you with 5 one-hour sessions of instruction for Beginner to Advanced students.

This USA Archery/NFAA-developed program combines training in archery techniques along with safety, shooting form, styles, equipment and scoring rules. Students learn a neutral style of archery that builds the basics of a solid shooting form.

Using lightweight bows at short distances, gender and age provide little advantage.

$150 / Program

Tournament Archer Plan

The Tournament Plan is meant for the serious Archer wishing to train for competition in worldwide tournaments, college teams, the Olympics and/or The Archery World Cup.

Supervised 30-minute practice sessions are provided and a commitment of 12 weeks and participation in two tournaments during this period are required (fees extra).

Student must provide personal Archery equipment.

$25 / half-hour

Fees must be paid and schedules determined before training begins.