recurve16aWhat can I say about the Lancaster Classic, but OMG. What a turn out and if you were not there you should go get your calendar and write down; I’ll attend the Lancaster Classic in Jan 2015. Let’s just say the big boys were there to the youngest shooter, if I not mistaken she was 10 years old.

Rob and the Lancaster crew put on one heck of a show, the staff of Lancaster Archery are all so professional and helpful, if I lived closer I’d apply for a job there. That’s how cool it is there. In case you didn’t know Lancaster Archery posted a live feed on their web page of the event and every shooter gets their own time in the lime light. Now how special is that! It seems that at other places the elite have all the attention. At the Lancaster Classic every archer is treated as though they are the Elite Shooter, not just another archer. Ok let me explain this again, every shooter is filmed and broadcasted via the internet, the young old, pros and beginners, it doesn’t matter. And yes the compound shooters get more fan fair, but if you would have seen the showing of supports for the recurve shoot off you would have been surprised, I was.

Carbon Express hosted the pig roast, and what a roast it was. They brought the pig in its skin and laid it on the table. I bet close to 500 people were feed that night. Now let’s talk about the door prizes, though I wasn’t lucky enough to get one this year, I sure was hoping. Just to name a few items, from 2 bows to everything you’d need for a bow and even gift certificates.

I’m honored to have made the top 16, see if you look at the picture close you’ll see 3 Olympians, Brady Ellison USA, Jake Kaminski USA, Crispin Duenas Canada, then there is Dan Schuller, a former member of the resident athlete program, shot for an Olympic team position and a member of the Awesome LAS staff and Jeremiah Cusick a great hopeful for the Olympic team and I believe a resident athlete. Now let’s not forget Joe McGlyn a member of the team winning the Gold at the 2001 Indoor Championships with Butch Johnson and Vic Wunderle. Other top shooters include Brett Lazaroff a member of the recurve team from Atlantic Cape Community College who won a national title at the United States Intercollegiate Archery Championship 2006.

So please go to the Lancaster Web check and check it out  . Not sure how much longer the Lancaster Classic information will be up, so don’t wait too long. And if you’re thinking of ordering a few archery supplies think of purchasing from Lancaster Archery Supply. That’s where I get my supplies.

Check out the Event Photos.

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