OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe opening of my very own indoor range, let’s just say this has been a very long and painful process. But it D shoots over dot shooting but,is done, and we are open a few days a week. No I’m not open to the public as of yet, what I am doing is inviting local Archery clubs to schedule appointments. The first club I invited asked if they could start an indoor league, so we now have an 8 week indoor league, with 19 shooters. Not too bad for a brand new indoor range!

Let me also say, no I did not win the lotto. I begged, borrowed and waited for years till I got enough stuff on hand to build my own place. Though I’ve been a member of many Archery clubs over the past 25 years or so I don’t want to start a new club. What my goal is at this time is to open an Archery teaching facility for all. And who knows I might clear $100 a month, LOL. We all know you’re not going to get rich teaching Archery. Like the building I’m using, I just happen to fall on it. The building was an indoor batting cage, which happened to be owned by the American Legion, which I happen to be a member of. So after dealing with the Executive Board Members, they gave me permission to us the building at a reduce rental rate. Thank You American Legion Post 15! Dixie Products gave me several trailer loads of wood that had been left out in the weather for some time and it couldn’t be sold for building lumber. So I took the lumber and cut out the bad parts and so forth and made boxes 48” x 48” x 18” and stuffed them with rags. If you’ve never shot a rag target, you will be surprise; a 6 month old baby can pull your arrow. And to build the target wasn’t that hard, the hardest part was putting all those rags into the target frame, LOL. See I had to put the target frame on top of the target stand so that put the opening to the target bail at just less than 6 feet. So I was either reaching up to drop the material into the frame or climbing a ladder, either way I was beat by the end of the day. But very proud of what I had built and what I am building in my home town, Sumter, South Carolina. So if your ever in the area and would like to shoot some, give me a call and bring a few friends. Range fees are simple and sweet just $10 from the time you enter the building to the time you leave.

You’ll see banners hanging from the ceiling of the range; those are my sponsors who have helped me with my Archery career and my Archery dreams. No I’m not a professional shooter, no I’m not on a paid contract, I just love the sport of Archery. That’s why I’m called the “The Toxophilite” hence the name of this web page. A bunch of folks I used to shoot with in Puyallup, Washington at Skookum Archery gave me this name and I had it embroider on to my shooting shirts.

Toxophilite… täkˈsäfəˌlīt…A student or lover of Archery of or relating to Archers and Archery

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