20140111_113628First tournament of the year for me and the state of South Carolina was our State Multi color or Vegas round. Lake Marion was the hosting club while using the Wildlife Actions indoor Range. I have to say a pretty nice place, just wish the lighting was a little bit better. As a recurve shooter the lighting was fine with me, but may of the compound shooters talked about it. Other than this the event was pretty fun. Not sure how many shooters we had, but I was told it was a very nice turn out. What was also unique about shooting an indoor event here is South Carolina is that most of the clubs also host a 3D event at the same time. And of course some shooters shoot both, but the best part about this is the exposure of dot shooting to the 3D world and 3D shooting to the Dot world. A pretty good combo, though this state has a much bigger turn out for 3D shoots over dot shooting but I’m working hard to change all that.



Check out the events photos.

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